Last Year, I Booked 75% of My 83 Appearances From My Website.

“One of the best moves I made in my professional Santa career was to hire Santa Ed and his wife Lori to design and build my Santa Jersey Joe website. I have been an IT professional for forty years and worked with many web design/development teams to create websites for the company I work for. Frankly, based on my past experience, I was not looking forward to working with anyone to design my own site.

That all changed when I heard Santa Ed discuss the service Lori offered designing and building websites. Working with Ed and Lori was fantastic. I sent some photos and few comments about my Santa business. After receiving them Ed and I spoke on the phone about my expectations and they took it from there.

After a couple of weeks, came to life! The first year my website was up, I received more contacts than I did from two different ‘GIG’ booking sites. Last year, I booked 75% of my 83 appearances from my website. Following Ed’s recommendation, I posted my prices so people who contacted me, knew what I charge and were ready to book me when I replied.

Thanks to Ed’s training over the phone, I am able to load different photos and make basic changes to my site. When I have a question, Ed is glad to walk me through what I want to do.

I am ready to make a few changes I am not comfortable to handle on my own, so there is only one team I trust in updating my site.

Thank-you Lori and Santa Ed!”

Santa Jersey Joe(tm)

It Paid for Itself the First Year

I had Ed and Mrs. Claus build my website several years ago.

As soon as it was live I started getting contact requests, a number of which became clients.

It is really nice to give a potential client my web address and have them go there for more information.

It paid for it self the first year.

NW Santa Jim Lunn

My Santa Requests More Than Doubled After My Site Went Live.

I would highly recommend Santa Ed Taylor and Lori for website development. Both Ed and Lori are very responsive and work with you to make your Santa site uniquely you.

My Santa requests more than doubled after my site went live.

Randy Harbin
Kansas City Claus

The Word “Awesome” is Usually Used When People Describe How They Like My Website

After seeing some of the websites that Ed and Lori built, the decision was very easy as to who I was going to have build mine. You can tell that Ed being a Santa gives them the edge over other website builders. I love the Santa feel, along with the colorful presentation that my website shows.

The word “awesome” is usually used when people describe how they like my website. The site has generated much business as Ed knows how to get you positioned high when google searched. Ed and Lori are not only great to work with during the build, but afterwards as well. They return my emails and phone calls promptly when I have a question.

I would highly recommend them, you won’t be disappointed!

Santa Jerry Wise

Much of the Business I Had Last Year Was Directly From My Website.

I am very happy with the web site that Ed and Lori made for me. Everyone who sees it likewise has good things to say about it. Much of the business I had last year was directly from my website. I especially like that the contact forms are on the site. It makes it very easy for the clients to contact me and also a good reference for me for future seasons.

Working with you both is very easy. Your response time is good and your rates are very reasonable. Speaking of reasonable rates, that includes the initial making of the site as well as follow up requests for “tweaking”.

Your understanding of the current technology market is extremely beneficial. Specifically changing the formatting of the websites to be user friendly in the new world of cell phone and tablet searching by younger folks.

Thanks again.

Jeff Mason

It Was The Best Thing That I Have Ever Done To Promote My Business.

WOW! The redesign and refresh that Lori and Ed Taylor did to my website has gotten me over 10 times the responses and over 10 times the customers! It was the best thing that I have ever done to promote my business.

Lori and Ed were easy to work with and they know how to get you great search rankings. My site looks amazing, easy to navigate, modern and up to date. If you are considering a new website or refreshing your current website, I highly recommend them.

Bob Osterhoudt